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Trademark a Name, Slogan, or Logo

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2015 11:04AM PST
In the United States, trademark applications may be filed to protect names, logos or slogans.  For filing purposes, these are separate applications and not filed jointly.  There is no requirement to file for both, but you should file trademarks for any names, logos or slogans you want to protect.
Our preparation fee for all applications is $159 each.  The government filing fee is $275 per classification selected.  So if you wanted to cover your name and logo, the total for preparing those applications would be $318, the filing fees assuming only one classification has been selected would be $550.  The grand total would be $868.
You can take advantage of our discounted logo price by including your logo with your name filing. You can start the process to trademark a name, and on Step 3 Cont. of the application you will see where you can upload the logo to receive 10% off the preparation cost (example screenshot attached). Your order total should be as follows:

$ 159.00 USD Standard Trademark Registration Service in the United States (Name)
$ 143.10 USD Standard Trademark Registration Service in the United States (discounted Logo)
$ 550 USD Trademark Government Filing Fee in the United States ($275 per application)
TOTAL: $852.10 USD

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