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Managing Domains

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012 02:01PM PDT

When you purchase a domain name on Trademarkia, we provide only the name.  The hosting for your website or blog will need to be configured for your name to point there. 

Trademarkia provides hosting to make it easy for you to host your domain without the hassle of transfers or nameserver editing.

Trademarkia hosting options start at just $5.96 a month

If you are using another company to host your domain, In order to have your domain on a website, you will need to need to point your domain to that site.  When you have purchased hosting from a hosting company (such as GoDaddy) what you will need to do is to get nameservers from them and point them to your domain name on Trademarkia.

Name servers are obtained from your hosting company, and are usually a few addresses that look something like After you have obtained those, please do the following:

Login to

Click on your domain name

Select Our DNS, edit, custom DNS

From there you will see a field to enter the nameservers obtained from your hosting company. Enter the name servers there and after a period of hours, you should be able to type in your domain and it will go straight to your hosted site.

If your hosting company requires an EPP Code, please contact us using the link on the right of this page to request it.

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