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Reapply for an Abandoned Mark

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012 02:36PM PDT
If the trademark has not since been registered to another owner, you can reapply. If you choose to reapply, it would require you to submit a new application.  If you choose to go through Trademarkia, we offer an easy to use workflow to fill out your application. Our website's workflow prompts you to securely provide all relevant data.  From our service options page, you can select which service/price point best suits your needs.  You will find it here:
To begin, select your service preference and just click, "Get Started". 

Once inside the workflow, you will need to choose whether you want a name, logo or a slogan.  Each of these types of trademarks will require a separate application.  You will also be prompted to either log into an existing Trademarkia account or to open a new one. 
You will then be prompted to provide trademark ownership information and you can apply either as an individual or as a corporation. If corporate name is selected, you will enter your incorporation state.

You will also be asked whether you are using the mark in commerce presently.  If so, we will ask you to please supply evidence of use in commerce, such as your logo affixed to your product.
Our workflow will also assist you in selecting what International Classification best describes the product or service your trademark will represent.  You will also be asked to provide a description of your business activities.

Follow the remaining steps of the workflow, give payment information and you will get confirmation of our receipt of your order.  Once we have filed, you will receive an official filing receipt documenting your trademark application containing your official serial number assigned by the USPTO.

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