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Statement of Use Service

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2015 12:00PM PST
If your trademark application status is "Notice of Allowance Issued" then you will need to submit a statement of use to the UPTO.  A Notice of Allowance Status only applies to intent-to-use applications, meaning that they were originally filed without proof of use in commerce. The application has passed both the USPTO's internal review and the opposition period. In other words, the application is ready to register and only requires an acceptable Statement of Use to be submitted. A Statement of Use is a separate filing with the USPTO providing proof that you are using the mark in commerce. Once the Statement of Use is submitted and accepted by the USPTO, the application should register in due course.

Cost and Services

Trademarkia can assist you in the filing of Statement of Use paperwork or an Extension. If you are ready to file, the United States Patent and Trademark Office fee is $100 per application, per category and the law firm in Trademarkia's network has a fee of $379 per application, per category for the preparation of the paperwork. The total for Statement of Use filing would be $479 per application. The USPTO's fee to file an Extension is $150 per application, per category and the law firm's fee is $379 per application, per category; for a total of $529 per application, per category.

For examples of acceptable statements of use and what to include, please see these links:

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