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Last Updated: Dec 27, 2011 05:49PM PST
This status means that examiner has issued a final refusal of the application. This occurs for two general reasons: 1) the examiner reviewed the Applicant’s latest office action response and is not persuaded by the Applicant’s arguments, and/or 2) the Applicant’s response failed to address all the issues outlined the examiner’s prior office action.

Where a final refusal is issued the Applicant must either: 1) satisfy any outstanding issues in the final action, or 2) file a formal appeal with the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board contesting the examiner’s final decision.

Applicant’s generally have 6 months from the date the final refusal is mailed to respond. However, Applicant’s should review the office action itself to confirm the response deadline. Trademarkia offers services for Office action responses. 

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