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  • trademark

    was wondering what my trademark status is?

    0 Community Answers Dec 15, 2016 05:44AM PST
  • Trademark/Service Mark Application, principle register

    Hi, I want to know when can I get the Trademark/Service Mark Application, principle register. I know that a...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Jun 10, 2016 12:49AM PDT
  • PKakzecdcaKKomlkQJc

    5XZ1gX <a href="">swwkunbbbpfd</a>, [url=

    0 Community Answers Dec 12, 2015 07:10AM PST
  • Abandoned-Failure to respond

    Hi there. 2 questions. 1. We wanted to trademark a name that your database currently lists as "Abandon...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Oct 06, 2013 07:07AM PDT
  • How to protect my domain name

    I am building a new web service ( Freelancing market place ) , and already rent a domain name; assume that m...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Aug 20, 2013 11:40AM PDT
  • Company name and logo - Are these two trademark searches and registrat...

    Hi, I'd like to register a company name and a color logo that is associated with the company name. Wi...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Mar 29, 2013 10:59PM PDT
  • First Aid Ointment

    At one time you made a product called Husk, which is the best first aid ointment ever and has worked well for ...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Jul 09, 2012 06:27PM PDT
  • Where are you located

    I need the extact address where are you located in brooklyn.

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Jun 19, 2012 05:33PM PDT
  • Tusca Mia Surface Cleaner Fresh Lemon &Thyme

    i live in Atlanta, GA. Where can I go to purchase this product in a retail store? can I order it online? ...

    1 Agent Answer 1 Community Answer Jun 01, 2012 06:34PM PDT
  • Renewal

    I registered and owned two trademarks in 1996. How do I renew them?

    1 Community Answer May 10, 2012 09:21PM PDT

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