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All my jewelry is at knight's jewelry in Appleton; how am I going to redeem it

Rose M. Hayes Dec 10, 2015 10:45PM PST

I know Michael very well; but all my jewelry is over there, including my mother's ring, a ring from Macy's, and several other items. I wrote to Maureen Wallenfang of the POST CRESCENT. There was a girl there that traded my bracelet - which is now missing - for a ring I wanted to purchase.

Maureen said I must file a police report on the missing bracelet.

I am quite frantic; please help!

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Shreejith Dec 11, 2015 12:38AM PST


Please note, you have reached the wrong company. LegalForce | Trademarkia is a private company that operates a website and a software platform that simplifies the trademark registration process and offers services related to trademarks. We are not affiliated with the company or product you seek. Unfortunately we can not be of further assistance, we hope you understand.

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