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Raji Phichitsingh Apr 08, 2017 09:45PM PDT


I am interested in registering the trade mark "Lakestone" or either "LakeStone" for my hedge fund

Lakestone Capital Management will be the full name or either

LakeStone Capital Management

Can this be trademarked and used or my hedge fund business?

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Shreejith Apr 08, 2017 09:58PM PDT


Thank you for contacting LegalForce Trademarkia.

If you wish to file a trademark application in the US, you can start by conducting a free basic search on our website to check the availability of the mark. Once you place an order our team will review the application and also conduct a comprehensive search to check for any similar or conflicting mark. The government fee is charged once the application is ready to be filed with the trademark office.

I have outlined the package details to file a trademark application in the US

Standard Package:

USA : $199.00 (professional fee) + $275.00 (government fee) per classification.

In the Standard Package, Filing a trademark application is easy and painless. You will be guided through a simple workflow to fill out the information needed to publish your trademark on Trademarkia or file your trademark with the government. If you select the government option, a licensed trademark attorney will represent you in the filing your trademark after performing a conflict check.

Gold Package:

$499.00 (Professional fee) + $275.00 (government fee) per classification

In the Gold Package, it includes
(1) Top Global Trademark Attorney Consultation
(2) Priority Trademarkia processing of your search and application
(3) PDF of your trademark application materials.
(4) One year of trademark notice monitoring
(5) Cease and desist letter forms package
(6) Form of Transfer Agreement.

You are provided with a workflow and expert knowledge and tips by top international trademark attorneys to prepare a description of your mark, identify the class it falls under, and provide all the information necessary for LegalForce attorney to file your application. LegalForce Law Firm will also conduct a Knock-Out Search of your mark. In addition, you are provided with 1 year of infringement monitoring, a draft of a sample cease and desist letter form, a form for a transfer of trademark agreement, a PDF of your trademark application materials, as well priority filing services of your trademark application.

You can reply to this email if you have any query or if you wish to use our services.

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