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Want to know the photographer name

Aminul Jun 15, 2017 10:12PM PDT

Hello sir,
I'm very happy to find this page. Maybe you can assist me to give me an information. I want to know your photographer name. Who works for your product photo capturing / shooting and who work for your product photo edit?

I think you will reply me as soon as possible. For your kind information, I want to know that, I want to work with him/her. Nothing else. So, don't take it otherwise.

Kind Regards

Clipping Path Associate
Skype : munna127
Phone : +8801746565911

1 Agent Answer

Shreejith Jun 15, 2017 10:36PM PDT


Please note, you have reached the wrong company. LegalForce | Trademarkia is a private company that operates a website and a software platform that simplifies the trademark registration process and offers services related to trademarks. We are not affiliated with the company or product you seek. Unfortunately we can not be of further assistance, we hope you understand.

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