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Real Hombre Trademark

Shelley Mahoney Jul 27, 2017 10:56AM PDT

We paid for a trademark to be filed and it still has not been done can you please advise?

Trademarkia Matter: #477290 - REAL HOMBRE

During our review, we came across the live mark REAL MEN 4422252, which is in the same Class 003. Your mark is likely to be refused registration on the basis of being confusingly similar to this mark. Please read this carefully. If refused, we believe it may be difficult to overcome such a refusal. Please do note that this is just our prediction. Please also note that the USPTO conducts its search, and may find additional marks that we did not. It is impossible to predict beforehand how the USPTO will view existing marks and whether they will determine that a likelihood of confusion exists.

We replied but have not heard back.

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