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No matching trademark yet trouble has befallen me!

Jim Munsch Oct 10, 2013 07:50AM PDT

I am one of the little people. In Aug. I thought it would be fun to start a website about beer, searching beer info etc. The web host told me to pick a domain name, I used the dictionary verb google along with beers for"googlebeers". Everybody thought it was great. I checked google trademarks and there was nothing there so I applied for a trademark through Trademarkia Aug26th, and past the initial check. So I have built a site, and have a twitter and facebook acct. Today I get an email from Google to shut everything down because my name is too close to theirs. They want me to stop my trademark application, sell my domain names and quit my twitter and facebook. All my fun gone! Can they really own "made up" words? What can they do to me? Do I have to "roll over" and comply because of an email?

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Brett Oct 10, 2013 11:45AM PDT

Hello Jim,

Thank you for your message. I can't provide legal advice as I'm not an attorney, I can only provide general information about the process of trademarking and other services we offer. Ordering our trademark registration service includes the assistance of an attorney who can advise you. As well, we offer attorney consultations starting at $45 for 15 minutes, here:

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